What We Do


We’re All About Convenience

The Fresh Focus team has decades of experience understanding convenience store needs and visibility for impulse products. Let our talented convenience store marketing experts help you drive sales through convenience store distribution, merchandising and marketing.

Our sales professionals understand the dynamics of the convenience store market and are well-positioned to help you get your products out there.

Expand Your Reach

The Fresh Focus Advantage

Providing exceptional service and insightful strategies for manufacturers and distributors aiming to expand their reach and their brand by meeting the needs of the Convenience store shopper.

Passion Meets Commitment

Our clients are passionate about their products and rightfully so. They produce high quality deli, prepared foods, bakery, and fresh food products! We are proud to represent some of the highest quality products around and are committed to helping our clients grow their business for the convenience store shopper!

We Help Brands Grow

  • Industry Knowledge and Understanding of Convenience Store Market
  • Existing Relationships with Convenience Store Customers
  • Our Team Provides Market Insights to Help Grow Your Sales
  • Focused on Proven and Customized Go-To-Market Strategies
  • Collaborative Sales Planning with Our Clients
  • Our Team Stays on Top of Industry Trends