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What We Do

Reach Your Ideal Target Market

By leveraging our values, expertise in the food marketing & sales industry, and our long-standing relationships with manufacturers, we place products and support long-term brand growth.

Our insights into what customers want and how they shop ensures that our clients get their products on the right shelves in front of the right consumers.

We specialize in these channels:


Prepared Foods


Fresh Foods

What We Do

Focused on Delivering Value

Working on behalf of our clients, we embrace a shared passion for products, provide innovative sales strategies, and ensure that customers get the best quality food products, ingredients and packaging.


Fresh Focus specializes in deli and prepared foods, bakery, produce, meat and seafood for both retailers and supermarkets.

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We understand that customers are on the go and work to bring the best quality foods and packaging to convenience stores.

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Food Service

Fresh ready-to-cook food service products that are perfect for your food service needs.

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Buying fresh, quality food and ingredients in larger quantities has never been easier. 

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Packaging Solutions

Reliable packaging is key to best-in-class presentation and keeping your products fresh.

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Industrial + Ingredients

We sell bulk ingredients to manufacturers at a national level.

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Coverage Area

Our Marketing Footprint

The Mid-Atlantic region is the base of our marketing footprint. Our other areas of coverage include the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest. Throughout our years of experience, we have built strong, trusted relationships throughout the country.

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